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Learning To Turn Left, Ep 24: "Food for Thought" with filmmaker Leora Eisen.

Originally Aired: December 31, 2018

Learning To Turn Left, Ep 24: “Food for Thought” with filmmaker Leora Eisen.

“Learning To Turn Left” is a podcast aimed at helping you live your best life today. In this episode, we’re joined by filmmaker Leora Eisen. Leora has made a documentary film called "Food For Thought". The movie digs deep to try and sort thru all the confusion surrounding healthy eating, low carb diets, and more. You can watch the movie on Sunday, January 6, 2019 on CBC. In my conversation with Leora we talk about simple methods to a healthier diet, what our future eating habits may look like and the verdict on carbs. SHOW NOTES – Watch the teaser for "Food for Thought" here ... Email . Or text me at 123321 .