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Learning To Turn Left, Ep 22: "Nowhere to Call Home”

Originally Aired: October 24, 2018

Learning To Turn Left, Ep 22: “Nowhere to Call Home”

“Learning To Turn Left” is a podcast aimed at helping you live your best life today. In this episode, we’re joined by Leah Denbok. Leah has released a book titled “Nowhere to Call Home.” She travelled all over the world to photograph homeless people, and most importantly to tell the stories behind the faces. Proceeds from the book are being donated to various charities in support of the homeless. In this episode we talk about what inspired the book, what she learned from the men and women she met and how we can help (it’s not just with money!). Plus, Leah’s amazing connection to Mother Teresa. SHOW NOTES – Learn more about Leah and her book series at . Email . Or text me at 123321 .