There’s support from a local doctor and mom for a full reopening of schools in the district and Near North Board this September.

Dr Ann Marie McKenna’s letter is included in tonight’s board agenda.

It details specific rationale for her stance, based on the mental health of children and parents, challenges posed by e-learning, logistics of providing childcare without school and evidence for safe re-opening from other areas.

In his reply, Board Chair Jay Aspin thanked her for the letter, said it will be considered by the trustees and ensured any decision will prioritize the health and safety of students and staff.

The Ontario government is due to announce plans for reopening schools in September early this afternoon.

The announcement comes just six weeks before back-to-school season and a week before the province’s 72 school boards were initially asked to outline their plans for the academic year.

A draft re-entry to school plan is on the Near North Board agenda tonight.


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