North Bay Police have charged a 30 year old city male with sexual assault and committing an indecent act.

Police say on Monday at the waterfront a male was talking to two young people when one of them was kissed in the neck and touched inappropriately on the buttocks.

The young people ran from the area and their parents contacted police.

Later in another part of the waterfront, a male exposed himself to a group of adults.

City Police say he was also charged with indecent act and harassment charges in connection with an incident last Friday in a parking lot on McIntyre Street West.


Police say three women parked their vehicles in a parking lot on McIntyre Street West, got out and were socializing when a man began following and staring at them, even as they changed locations.

Out of concern they returned to their vehicles when police say the accused put his hands down the front of his pants and appeared to be fondling himself.

The women left the area and contacted police who say the investigation led to an arrest yesterday.

(File photo by station staff)