There’s a new organization in East Ferris that wants to improve internet access.

It’s called the East Ferris Internet Advocacy Group.

Spokesperson Mike Blair says their mission is to get action on a wide range of areas including improved access to public health, education, safety, security and emergency preparedness and the economic sustainability of the community.

He says the CRTC in 2011 talked about improving services by 2015 and they’re still waiting.

“We’re at 2020 and we don’t even see those levels. In 2016, they came up with an even higher level which is like 50 megabits. We have no hope of getting there if we don’t have a hope of getting to the first milestone,” he says.

He says they have met with MPP Vic Fedeli. Blair says they received support for their goals.

“There’s a multi pronged approach that’s required and Vic I believe acknowledges that. He suggested that we continue pushing and we’re doing good things here. We support the Blue Sky Net bid,” Blair says.

Blair says they have also presented to the Economic Development Committee of East Ferris Council and their concerns will be brought forward at a meeting next month.

He says they’re on Facebook and have a Twitter account too.

(file photo by station staff)