“A remarkable young man.” Those words are being used to describe nine-year old Trent Hare who was recognized by Nipissing District Paramedic Service for his heroic actions that helped paramedics locate his grandfather,David Oley during a health crisis.

On June 5th, the two went fishing near Sand Dam Road.

Trent’s grandfather, who had recovered from a heart attack in late March, began to feel weak and lethargic.

They managed to get the boat back on shore.

9-1-1 was called and officials say because of the remote location, Trent took it upon himself to find the closest road and wait for the responding paramedics to flag them down.
He told BayToday it was quite the wait.

“Someone came by and I tried getting them to stop. They didn’t stop and just went by. That was half an hour in and 90 minutes later the ambulance came,” he says.

He says he was very concerned about his grandfather.

“I asked him several times if he wanted me to call someone. He finally said yes,” Trent says.

Also honoured were the paramedics who attended to Mr Oley in March.

(photo by Chris Dawson BayToday)

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