For the first time in 70 years The Chief Commanda will not be operating this year on Lake Nipissing.

Captain Rich Stivrons says Transport Canada has put restrictions on the season.

He says they’re not able to begin until after June 30th at the earliest and due to Covid-19 operating protocols, it does not appear as though a successful, safe, and enjoyable cruise season can be provided.

He says they would have to undergo an inspection after the Chief was put in the water and the cruises wouldn’t start until after that.

“This all makes the season a lot shorter plus there will be restrictions due to COVID-19 and that makes the situation pretty infeasible,” he says.

Stivrons says usually they start the season with 15 full time employees.

“When you count part timers we’re probably closer to twenty five by the time we make our way through the season. We are looking at having 4-5 at the Dock Shoppe so we’re looking at quite a few of our employees not working,” Stivrons says.

He says the the dock shoppe will be remain open throughout the season for ice cream and other items.

Plans are to resume cruises on Lake Nipissing next May.

(photo by station staff)

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