Pioneer Construction has won the $3.6 million contract with the city to do annual asphalt resurfacing work.

Chair of Infrastructure and Operations Councillor Chris Mayne says the work on up to 50 city streets will take place right until November.

He says there are several factors in assessing what streets get done.

“The city is focusing on arterials and collectors right now as they’re the busier streets. Additionally, there are specific criteria engineers use including riding comfort, noise, road cracks and stress,” Mayne says.

He says they’ve been getting requests from city residents since April.

“There are a number of roads that people would like to have addressed in the community. The challenge for us is to work within a budget. We could easily spend between 5-6 million dollars a year. The 3.6 million is what we work with now, ” Mayne says.

Mayne says they address all the roads in North Bay over a twenty year period.

One other company bid on the job.

(photo by station staff)

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