Two Toronto men originally from North Bay will be starting a lunch program for front line workers at the North Bay Regional Health Centre on Friday.

Michael Costakos says the idea came from his son Anthony, who learned on social media that the Toronto Raptors were helping provide meals and wanted to do something similar.

“I was born in North Bay. My family is originally from North Bay. Now my son was born in Toronto but has often visited his grandparents in North Bay so the city has a special place in his heart,” he says.

He says the goal is to provide several hundred lunches over a 5-6 week period and are looking at 50 a week.

Paul Ricci says the meals will be prepared by Cecil’s and will go to staff who work with seniors, mental health patients and any other areas within the facility the hospital designates.

“We just thought that if we could do something to help and give them one less thing to worry about in their day to day duties it would be a nice thing,” he says.

The men say they’re looking for local support to possibly expand the program.

(photo by station staff)

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