We told you last month about the student nutrition program making some changes due to COVID-19.

Andrea Jones-Pascoe is the Community Coordinator for the program which was launched in 2005.

She says they’ve created three hubs as well as handing out gift cards to families outside North Bay.

Jones-Pascoe says with schools closed and children and youth still hungry, they want to meet the needs of the community in these uncertain times and they’ve seen the demand.

“We had recently reached 1,050 children in our region and that says a lot. Every week, that number is increasing and that goes to show the need out there,” she says.

She says the hubs are at The Gathering Place on Monday from 1:30-3:30, at Community Living on Wednesday from 1:30-3:30 and on Thursday at the Gateway Church from 10-11:30.

“Everyone seems to be in a positive mood and people are respecting the physical distancing rules but you can see on people’s faces the struggles they’re dealing with,” Jones-Pascoe says.

Register by emailing studentnutrition@communitylivingnorthbay.org

(file photo by Linda Holmes BayToday)

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