The second phase of the province’s ‘Learn at Home’ program starts up this week, with teacher-led instruction for students locally and right across the province.

Widdifield Principal Alison Herst says they’ve been preparing for it, but also reaching out with ‘hello’ videos on social media.

The students responded by organizing a day to wear school colours at home.

Herst says they’re keeping everyone connected, pointing out this can be a difficult time for the students with all the changes.

“It’s a little scary too, we don’t know when all of this will end, we’re trying to ease some anxieties, we’re trying to make sure the kids know we’re working hard and we’re eager to keep teaching,” she says.

She also says the students should be keeping to a schedule now.

“We’re really looking to start creating schedules for the kids, so if you had personal fitness in the morning, you’ll be able to go on Edsby and the teacher will be available from 9 am to 10 am, that’s when our period one was,” Herst says.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced last week that school closures will continue until at least May 4th for students.


Meantime, the Near North District School Board has closed all school playgrounds and other amenities, including sports fields and access to school board property until further notice.

It all has to do with provincial advice and orders around reducing the spread of COVID-19.


(File photo by station staff)

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