The final report on improving public confidence at the Near North District School Board has been released by the Minister of Education.

Key issues included the lack of effective leadership, which in turn resulted in “a lack of clarity, lack of consistency and a resulting lack of public (and staff) confidence”.

The report also says the board is making improvements to its operations by focusing on inspiring leadership, multi-year strategic planning, evidence-based decision-making and monitoring measurable goals.

Advice and recommendations are included in the report to help ensure the Board has the tools it needs to make necessary changes and improve public confidence in the Board and in Ontario’s publicly-funded education system.

Minister Stephen Lecce says effective, transparent and accountable school board governance is essential to the success and well-being of students in Ontario’s publicly-funded schools and In recognizing that the Board has signaled its willingness to effect change.

He says he will continue to monitor the situation and looks forward to receiving progress reports in May, September and December of this year.

Board chair Jay Aspin says board is turning the corner towards the restoration of public confidence.

He says with continued support from the ministry and strong leadership from the new director, the board is confident that the board is on the way to providing the best educational opportunities for the students of the board.


(photo by station staff)

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