The city is one step away from a textile ban.

A committee of council approved a two pronged approach including a ban and an education campaign.

Coun.Chris Mayne says textile items that are on their last legs will be still taken to the landfill but other items will not be collected if the recommendation passes at an official council meeting.

“The textile ban represents about 2,000 tons of waste a year that potentially we can divert from the landfill. Plus, rather than just throwing items in the garbage we can support some businesses that can get value from some of the items,” Mayne says.

Mayne says is just one step the city can take to impact climate change in a positive way.

“There isn’t one single silver bullet. It will be incremental steps like this including banning the use of textiles and improving our recycling. These are the things that are going to make a difference over time,” he says.

(photo by station staff)

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