Local Green Party of Canada members had the chance to meet the frontrunner in their party’s leadership race Sunday night.

Alex Tyrrell was in North Bay and officials say the 31 year old is both the youngest and most experienced candidate in the leadership race.

They say he is an outspoken environmental and social justice activist who has been the leader of the Quebec Greens since 2013.

Tyrrell tells BayToday North Bay and northern Ontario could benefit from his plan, especially when it comes to transportation.

“One of the parts of my platform is to have high speed rail in every major Canadian city, so that’s something I’d like to see in North Bay,” he says.

Free transit and green jobs are also part of his plan.

His plan, the Green New Deal calls for a 10 year mobilization to eliminate the use of fossil fuels while offering a job guarantee to all fossil fuel dependent workers while making massive
investments in healthcare, education, culture and social services.

Officals say Tyrrell wants to make big changes to the Green Party of Canada by placing the party squarely on the left of Canadian politics and by reaching out to the new youth lead climate movement.

He believes that the Greens should abandon the principle of fiscal conservatism, be more outspoken on social justice issues and implement a degree of party discipline to ensure that candidates who represent the party fall in line with the platform and values of the organization.

Photo supplied to BayToday.ca

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