The OPP says they’re looking to fill positions in the provincial communications centres in Ontario.

The closest one is in North Bay and PCC Analyst Doug Sanders says their are openings for call takers, dispatchers and supervisors.

“We do have a class for call takers in March that we’re looking to put three people into. There’s also a call taking class in May that we’re to hire three people for,” he says.

He says successful applicants can earn $38 an hour.

Pat Fay started as a call taker and is now a dispatcher.

He says the job isn’t for everybody but it’s quite rewarding.

“It can have its challenges but it’s also very rewarding. It’s that you feel you really made a difference in someone’s life,” Fay says.

Fay says there’s plenty of training so you’re never in a situation where you don’t feel confident that you can do the job.

Cst. Carrie Trownson says the job is all about helping people and that’s very satisfying.

“As soon as you get all the information you need help is on the way. You’re re-assuring them. It’s the best feeling in the world when you see the police cars pull up to a situation and it’s diffused and everyone’s okay,” she says.

(photo submitted by OPP)

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