Shocking and horrifying.

That’s how the chair of the Let’s Remember Adam campaign is reacting to video posted online of a car passing a school bus, on the passenger side and in a bike lane in Ottawa this week.

Pierre Ranger’s brother Adam was killed by a truck that failed to stop for his school bus in Mattawa in February 2000.

“Extremely shocking, horrifying. Next week on February 11th it’ll be 20 years since we lost Adam and it’s extremely upsetting to see video like that. This is the reason why we need cameras on buses,” he says.

Pierre says a door-side camera would’ve caught the license plate and that driver would be facing some stiff fines and demerit points.

“Once people’s pocket books start getting hit maybe they’ll understand the importance, we’re lucky that that bus driver was on the ball and held those children back so they didn’t get off the bus,” Ranger says.

He also says this sadly proves there is still more work that needs to be done to get people to stop for the school bus.

(File photo above by station staff)

Check out the video here:

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