Grab your ladle, Soups On is back for a fifth year.
The Gathering Place fundraiser goes from 11-2 on Friday at The Grande Event Centre Downtown.
“It’s a pretty significant fundraiser, it’s one of our two most significant fundraisers that we do in the year and all the proceeds go to the operational needs of The Gathering Place and The Warming Centre,” says Dennis Chippa, Executive Director of the soup kitchen.
He says for $10 people can sample all the soups, from commercial restaurants and non-profit groups, then vote for their favourites.
“We do have five judges who will be voting on ‘Judges Choice Soup’ for both categories, profit and non-profit, then folks can vote for both profit and non-profit too, and we can choose who has the best soup in the city,” says Chippa.
He also says the various groups involved get the chance to let people know what they’re all about.

(submitted by Gathering Place)

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