With the writ for the 2019 federal election campaign about to be dropped one of the candidates in Nipissing-Timiskaming Anthony Rota has opened a campaign office.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to visit Rideau Hall Wednesday morning to ask Governor General Julie Payette to dissolve Parliament.

Rota says the Liberals will offer hope and a continuation of the last four years with most of their campaign pledges already being met.

He says they will focus on growing the economy, infrastructure funding and poverty reduction efforts.

“We’ve done everything from transit, to new buildings and new roads. More importantly though it’s the service we provide to the average person. When they come in for help on an issue we take care of them and make sure their voice is heard in Ottawa,” he says.

He says the Liberals will continue to fight climate change.

Rota says the Liberals will continue to support equal rights for everyone.

“It’s very important that all Canadians regardless of their background, gender or sexual orientation are treated equally,” Rota says.

Meantime, North Bay City Councillor Mark King, the candidate for the People’s Party of Canada says he’s looking at stepping back from his council duties once the writ is dropped.

He says leader Maxime Bernier will be coming to North Bay later this month.

Meantime, Conservative Candidate Jordy Carr has announced she will take a leave of absence from Callander municipal council with the call of the federal election.

She says while it’s not mandatory she believes it’s the responsible thing to do.

Carr also has campaign office space in North Bay and New Liskeard.

(Photo by station staff)

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