In less than a month, the International Plowing Match and Rural Expo is set to start in Verner.

Organizers point out everyone is welcome and the event promises to be quite diverse.

Public Relations spokesperson Carole Lafreniere says the event will be completely bilingual but their looking to attract First Nations people as well.

“With Garden Village part of the community and there are First Nations people throughout the north too. It’s a question of courtesy to greet people in three languages,” she says.

She says the event is supporting the entire West Nipissing community and that includes Francophones, Anglophones and a vibrant First Nations community.

Lafreniere says there’s an IPM cookbook for example and includes a wide variety of items like Tourtiere, English Cottage Pie and Bannock.

Organizers say everyone is welcome whether people are coming from elsewhere in Ontario, out of province or locally.

Meantime, the committee is still in need of volunteers and chair of marketing Jean Beauchemin says there are still some exhibitor spots available.

The International Plowing Match and Rural Expo is from September 17th-21st.

(photo courtesy  International Plowing Match and Rural Expo)

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