Downtown North Bay is welcoming a new Health Community Ambassador program later this morning (Monday).

It involves a group of social services agencies and Downtown North Bay that officials say formed an innovative partnership.

The program will focus on engaging vulnerable people and connecting them with available services.

It will also support shoppers and businesses downtown by responding to situations that don’t require police assistance.

Councillor Dave Mendicino tells BayToday it’s a step in the right direction.

“This is certainly not going to be the answer to what ails downtown, this is just the beginning of initiatives. The end goal, ultimately, is to make the downtown a healthy and vibrant place to be,” he says.

Mendicino says the merchants are eagerly anticipating the start of the program.

“The response has been positive, they’ve heard what it’s done in Guelph and how the business owners in Guelph are extremely receptive and appreciative of the program,” he says.


(File photo by station staff)


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