For the 3rd time in the last seven months the Pearl’s location downtown has been broken into.

Co-owner Sue Middaugh says the latest break-in occurred this past weekend.

She estimates the damage is well into the five figures in the three break-ins.

She says the door was smashed in the most recent break-in.

“Probably about $10,000 worth. It’s very disheartening because we were broken into on New Years Eve and January 13th. It’s kid of sad and scary downtown right now,” Middaugh says.

Ironically, Middaugh says Saturday a few hours before the break-in was the final day of operation for the business.

“Even though you don’t have a lot of merchandise left. They’re still going to break-in to the store and cause damage. They ransacked all around the cash desk and we’ve neve rin the 43 years we’ve been in business left money in the store,” Middaugh says.

Middaugh says they were planning to be open three days a week in August but after this most recent break-in those plans are on hold.

Police say they responded just before 6 am to Pearls and the suspects entered the store by breaking a window.

Police report several cabinets were broken and several thousand dollars’ worth of jewelry was stolen.

Anyone with information is asked to call the North Bay Police Service at 705-497-5555 or if you wish to remain anonymous contact Near North Crime Stoppers, by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or by submitting a tip online at

(stealing gas)

North Bay Police say someone has been driving to the pumps with the license plate concealed and fills the vehicle and then doesn’t pay before driving away.

Police say this has happened several times over the past two months and two vehicles have been involved.

They’re described as a grey Mazda Tribute SUV and a grey Ford Edge SUV.

Anyone with information is asked North Bay Police or Near North Crime Stoppers.

(photo on stealing gas from North Bay Police)

(photo of police vehicle taken by station staff)

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