An amazing experience.

That’s how North Bay’s Jake Beaton describes competing at the World Para Powerlifting Championship in Kazakhstan.

He says it didn’t go as planned, with his three lifts in the ’72 and under kilo’ event flagged by the judges.

“It didn’t go quite the way I hoped it would, but I’m glad for the experience,” Beaton says.

He says the bar came down unevenly on his chest on two of his lifts, while there was a double-tap on his chest in his third attempt.

Beaton says this likely means he won’t get high enough in the rankings to get to the Tokyo Paralympics, but he’s looking to other sports too.

When I get back I will be starting kayaking with the North Bay Canoe Club and I’m hoping to represent Canada in kayaking at Tokyo,” he says.

Beaton will also be training for another powerlifting event in St Louis early in the new year.

This morning in Kazakhstan he attempted 92 and 94 kilos.

He says the winning lift in his event was 209 kilos.

Overall, he’s thankful for the support he’s received.

“I’d just like to say thank-you for all the support from my family and friends and all the people in North Bay.  I’m proud to represent Canada,” Beaton says.

He’ll be enjoying the next few days in Kazakhstan before coming home to refocus.


(Photo courtesy JT Watts on Facebook)

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