The city is still accepting input into potential smoking by-law amendments involving smoking at workplaces.

A public input session was held Wednesday night, but not a lot of people attended.

Bylaw Enforcement coordinator Ron Melnyk tells BayToday they’re accepting input into proposed changes that could see smoking banned at commercial, industrial and institutional properties.

“Basically most workplaces, including, not just the interior of the workplace, but the exterior and the grounds of the workplace,” he says.

Councillor Marcus Tignanelli tells BayToday there’s also an email set up to accept input, but not much has come in.

“A few responses, nowhere near the comments you see on social media. I think that’s unfortunate that people feel that is the avenue of discussion where policies are not driven through social media, policies are driven through formal processes, such as public consultation,” he says.

The email address, to offer comment, is

Smoking, vaping, and cannabis are all covered by the proposed bylaw amendments.

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