A monument to honour survivors of sexual violence is being unveiled tomorrow (Friday) in the city.

Amelia Rising Executive Director Brigitte Lebel says a six foot diameter pebble stone mosaic has been created and installed at the Fisher Street Parkette, between Fifth and Princess.

The vision behind is that, yes, people can come and reflect, meditate, but also for gatherings for social change, or marches or vigils,” she says.

Lebel says they see the mosaic as a meeting point after marches and events like Take Back the Night.

She also says there are names of survivors on the underside of some of the stones to help create awareness.

“Some of the names of survivors are on there to be honoured and it’s also meant to let people know that sexual violence is still a problem in our community and we don’t take it lightly, and that we want it to be out in the open, versus hidden away,” Lebel says.

The public is invited to the unveiling tomorrow at 1 pm.