North Bay City Councillor Mark King is the Conservative candidate for Nipissing-Temiskaming in this fall’s federal election.

He was victorious over Callander Councillor Jordy Carr at last night’s nomination meeting with no vote totals released.

King says this riding is not supported enough by the Liberals in several areas including funding for seniors, mental health supports and funding to deal with drug addiction.

“I think they think it’s a safe riding. I’ll tell you this is not a safe riding now,” King says.

Incumbent MP Anthony Rota is running for the Liberals.

King says paying for repairs to maintain the Jack Garland Airport should not be a municipal responsibility but a federal one.

“Anthony has indicated that doesn’t come under the federal jurisdiction as far as funding is concerned. We’ve left it to the poor taxpayer in the city to pay that bill. I believe that should be a federal cost,” he says.

King weighed in North Bay being involved in the pilot project to attract immigrants. He says he’s in favour if there’s no municipal cost.

“If the federal government thinks that municipalities and the provincial government are going to foot the bill for immigration efforts I would be very. very surprised if it happens,” King says.

King says he will step aside from city council once the writ is dropped in the fall.

(photos by station staff)

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