The community is getting ready to celebrate and support military members based at 22 Wing CFB North Bay.

The 9th annual Armed Forces Day goes Wednesday.
About 3,500 area students will be taking part in the daytime programming, which includes the Snowbirds and Skyhawks parachute team.

Honourary Colonel Jake Lacourse says the evening includes live music, plus the CF-18 Air Demonstration Team doing a twilight show.

“We haven’t had that done here in our community yet, it’s quite a spectacle with lots of sound, obviously the CF-18 is very loud, and the added visuals of seeing the afterburner kick in during twilight, it will be something very special,” he says.

22 Wing Honourary Colonel George Burton says there’s lots on the ground too, including mascots, static displays, military vehicles and more.

“CF-18 Demo Cockpit is back this year, a great highlight for those who don’t have the opportunity to get up and close to a CF-18,” he says.

Other static displays include a World War 2 Jeep, Explosive Ordnance Disposal team and army support vehicles.

Honourary Colonel Harriet Madigan says the event offers a chance for the community to celebrate and support military members.

“We have the privilege of being free and secure in this country and these are the people who look after us, ensure our security, supporting them helps to recognize they are a part of our community,” she says.

Everyone is encouraged to wear red to the event on Wednesday.


(File photo by station staff)

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