The Capitol Centre is celebrating 90 years with an open house Friday night

From 6-9 pm there will be theatre tours, storytelling of the centre’s history, artifacts and memorabilia on display, free souvenirs and a free screening of the movie ‘IN OLD ARIZONA’.

That was the first ‘talkie’ film by Fox ever shown at the Capitol Theatre on June 1, 1929.

Meantime, The Capitol Centre Board of Directors has approved the 2018 audited financial statements.

The Capital Centre had a net operating loss of $46,000 which is about 2.6 % of the budget.

Ticket sales decreased by 16 % but that was off set by increases in other areas.

Operating expenses were down by 6.8 %, there was $1.2 million in capital improvements and total revenues were down by 1.3 %.

The statements say 52,000 people attended events and performances last year and that generated $1.02 million in sales.

(photo by station staff)

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