North Bay City Council has started the process of creating a public art policy for North Bay.

Last week, council voted to establish a public art advisory committee which would develop the policy.

This is being greeted positively by members of the art community including Alix Voz, the director curator of the W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery.

“This will reach more than art enthusiasts or people that come to my gallery. It will reach everybody. It’s going to make the city more beautiful and people will be proud of where they come from,” she says.

Jaymie Latham, executive director of Creative Industries, says having a public art policy is helpful in acquiring funding.

She says not having one supports a message, whether true or not, that the local municipality does not support public art.

It stifles public art projects. It convolutes who takes care of art projects, where the maintenance lies and if the theme of the art is fitting for the community,” Latham says.


(File photo by station staff)

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