North Bay’s second Caisse Populaire Alliance location opens tomorrow (Monday) in West Ferris.

Officials say there has been tremendous support for the new branch, at 390 Lakeshore Drive, which has created five new jobs.

They also used all local service providers to renovate the new location.

“12,000 people were without local, walk-in personalized financial services for too long, and now they’ll have access to personal and commercial banking services as well wealth management services,” says Regional Manager, Norm St. Amour.

“We’ve received wonderful feedback from the entire community, but especially from the people and the businesses of Ferris. They’ve truly shown that they appreciate our investment in this part of town, and we know they’ll be investing in us, especially now that they’re fully aware that we serve everyone, English or French” adds St. Amour.

Caisse populaire Alliance, President and CEO, Pierre Dorval says that they’re ready to deliver the excellent customer service and personalized financial services the Caisse on Cassells Street is renowned for in North Bay.

“We know that one of the reasons for our success is how we truly appreciate our clients and the unique custom financial solutions they can often find at no other financial facility,” Dorval explains.

An official opening will take place in June.


(File photo by station staff)

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