Action to deal with climate change was the focus of a march in downtown North Bay on Friday.

The idea came from a grade four student at Sunset Park School.

Chloe Cook and her fellow students marched from the North Bay Museum to city hall and met with the mayor.

Chloe says she’s concerned about the planet and efforts to protect it.

“Nobody cares. It’s so important that people care about the planet because it is our future,” she says.

The students told the mayor that the most immediate need in North Bay is to ban the use of plastic bags.

That’s something that Hannah Bywater agrees with.

“That is what the city can do. It’s very urgent. Plastic is a huge issue and people go shopping every day and they use thousands of bags,” she says.

She says the city has taken several steps to counteract climate change including the use of solar panels at city hall but that doesn’t mean the work should stop.

(photos by station staff)


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