The North Bay taxi industry had their say at Tuesday’s North Bay Police Services Board meeting.

Both U-Need A Cab and 5-0 Cab made presentations before the board in opposition to rideshare services being approved for North Bay.

The board has scheduled a town hall meeting for this on May 27th.

U-Need A Cab owner John Strang says the industry here is governed by the board and 180 jobs would be destroyed if rideshare is allowed to go ahead.

“There’s a lot of independent contractors that work in the industry. They made the investment in a plate and they can’t cash out. It is destruction,” he says.

Strang cited economic viability of the industry locally if ride share services are approved by the board.

“We hope that the board takes a good hard look at the industry and realizes there’s not enough business as it is. Bringing in someone else to operate without the same rules that we’ve had to over the years just dilutes that even further and puts 180 jobs at risk,” he says.

Strang says there are safety issues as well for the passengers.

(photo by station staff)

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