Elementary education cuts at the Near North Board were unveiled yesterday by the Near North local of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario.

President Rob Hammond says 62 teaching positions have been declared redundant by the board.

That brings the total to 176 at the board when you add the secondary numbers.

“I was told originally I was going to lose 88 staff members. When the Grants For Student Needs came out the board got a little better picture of what was going to happen. That’s when they lowered their numbers down,” he says.

Hammond says the board needs more specific information from the government.

He says they’re called the technical papers and the board is still waiting on that.

“That’s going to give the school board more understanding of what envelopes to put money into and therefore teachers will be re-called,” he says.

MPP Vic Fedeli says no jobs would be lost due to e learning and class sizes.

Hammond says there is no e learning on the elementary side.

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