West Nipissing has declared an emergency with rising water levels in the community.

Mayor Joanne Savage says their Emergency Control Group is monitoring conditions closely and has activated their emergency plan.

Some residents may be advised to evacuate as water levels continue to affect road conditions and access.

To get ready, officials are planning for accommodations in a nearby community centre.

Emergency Services has advised residents in the affected areas of road closures and their options to evacuate. Residents who were away during the road closures and did not speak with Emergency Services are instructed to call 705.753.1171 to make arrangements. Those in need of accommodations are also asked to call the Municipality at 705.753.1171.

Road Conditions
Due to water over the roads and washouts, a number of roads have been closed with restricted access.

The conditions of some roads have drastically changed thus restricting us from providing access to residents due to a public safety concern.


Road closures will be updated on westnipissing.ca as information become available.


Alouette Rd from Eugene going east
Lamarche Rd
St Jean Rd
Pellerin Rd
Blake Rd
Argo Rd
Comeau Rd closed at Eugene Rd
Gerard Rd
Eugene Rd closed from Comeau Rd to the lake.
Minnehaha Bay/ Twiggs
Hillman Rd
Old Aubin Rd
Quesnel Rd closed from #1079 to the end of the road
Quesnel Rd closed from #1111 to the end of the road.

School Officials have advised parents in the affected areas of transportation detours and cancelations.

The Municipality is providing 100 bags per residence to those in need. Please note that sand bags are to be used to protect homes and accommodations, not for secondary structures and shorelines. Sand bags can be picked up at:
• Sturgeon Falls Fire Station (22 Holditch Street) : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Lavigne Fire Station (Hwy 64 South) : from 9 am to 4:30 pm on Thursday, May 9 and Friday, May 10
Residents are asked that unless they are volunteering with sandbags, to stay away from the affected area.
Sand piles are available in areas including:
• Marleau Road (at Lac Deux Milles Road Intersection)
• Marleau Road (at the East end/dead end)
• Avenue du lac in Lavigne
• End of Eugene Rd (between Arbour and Comeau)
• O’Brien (Turn around)
• Quesnel (West End)
• End of Lac Deux Milles (dead end/turnaround)


They say a number of roads are under water or at risk of washing out.

West Nipissing Police say residents in low-lying areas should take precautions against rising water and if it’s unsafe to stay, they should considering leaving their homes.

Police also remind people to stay away from fast moving waterways and keep children and pets away from the water too.

In a release, they say some roads are being closed and residents are being advised that emergency vehicles will not be able to access them if an emergency occurs.


The municipality of West Nipissing Emergency Operation Group is coordinating the emergency and updates are posted on the Municipality of West Nipissing’s website.

Police also say if people are reporting flooding or roadway issues they are urged to call 705-753-2250 and NOT 911 unless there is danger to life or serious injury.

The municipality says sandbags are available for those in need, and a call for volunteers may go out.

Volunteering Efforts

If conditions worsen, additional volunteer assistance may be required. To participate in volunteering efforts, please contact us at 705.753.2250 or by email support@westnipissing.ca with your name, phone number and email address.


Photo courtesy Jeff Turl/BayToday.ca