A local group of hockey parents are wondering why the Atom Major AA coach they call ‘inspirational’ is not going to be back with the team next season.

They’ve requested a meeting with the West Ferris Minor Hockey Association Board to find out why the coach was denied, as they claim, the job.

In a letter to the media (below), the parents say the board won’t discuss their decision.

They say they’re in disbelief and shock while the 10 year old players don’t understand why their coach won’t be back.

Our newsroom reached out to the association, but officials declined to comment.

The parents are hopeful the board reconsiders the decision and reinstates their coach.

Below is the full letter sent to the media:



Each year Coaches are required to re-apply for their volunteer coaching positions. For next season, our Coach was the only applicant for the Atom Major AA position, that he held this season, and the West Ferris Minor Hockey Association (WHMHA) Board denied our Coach the job.

The parents have requested a meeting with the Board regarding their decision. In response to our request, a member of the Board replied ‘We cannot and will not discuss the decision.”

We, as the parents of this group of 10 year old athletes, are in complete disbelief and shock. Letters of support for our Coach have been pouring in to the Association since this decision was made last week. One parent wrote “Every game, every practice, every tournament, I am so grateful and thankful to this man for the time and effort he volunteers. Not to mention how the entire team, parents and players, have the utmost respect for him.”

The players themselves also do not understand why their Coach will not be with them next year.
One player stated “He works us hard, but makes us laugh. I am a better athlete and a better person because of my Coach.” Another player stated “If they (WFMHA) say that my Coach is not a good coach, they are lying.”

A “Head Coach”, defined by the West Ferris Minor Hockey Association, must instill good behaviour in all players. He must teach and encourage personal integrity, respect for others, fair play and good sportsmanship. He must develop youth into good citizens of our community. He must stress respect for team and game officials.

Our team was fortunate enough to have a coach who demonstrated all of these qualities, and more. As parents, we were often complimented by opposing parents and coaches, for our sons’ actions and behaviours on the ice.

At the end of every season, the parents are asked by the WFMHA to fill out a Coach Survey.
Our Coach’s feedback for the 2018-2019 season clearly states that parents were ‘very satisfied’, the highest ranking that can be given.
The final two questions of the survey resonate.
Is your Child planning on coming back next year? Our Coach received a 100% affirmative reply.
Would you want this individual to coach your child again? The parents response was 100% yes.

This begs our final question as parents. If the decisions made by the WFMHA must pay deference to the philosophy of ‘what’s best for the child’ why would they decide that this individual cannot spend another year coaching, encouraging, developing our kids into strong North Bay ambassadors?

We are hopeful that the Board will reconsider their decision and reinstate our Coach.