is now open for business.

A handful of artisans are on board right now, with plans to add more in the coming weeks and months.

Officials say while artisans on the website can sell globally, the focus is on northeastern Ontario.

Goals include:
– increase awareness of northern talent and build loyalty towards northern artisans
– offer a solution to artisans for year round sales that costs less than larger online marketplaces

“We started small to make sure it was manageable as we evolved through the initial tweaks and corrections early. Now we’re ready for business and ready to welcome more vendors,” says website owner Caroline Parnell-Barry who is also a local artisan. “One of my key goals for the business is to help build northern pride in the talent available right here in the North. I’m really excited about our future.”

Funding support was received from the ASETS program provided by the Metis Nation of Ontario.


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