The Aids Committee of North Bay and area is backing the call of the Medical Officer of health and the Chief of Police for a harm reduction approach to deal with the fentanyl crisis in North Bay.

Stacey Mayhall is the executive director of the ACNBA.

She says it’s important to give users the tools they need to stay alive.

“Having the ability to have a naloxone kit around will assist if there’s an emergency so you have time to save someone,” she says.

Mayhall says the best advice for users is to protect themselves and reduce the harm in their drug use.

She says it’s imperative that fentanyl users are practicing safe drug use.

“Naloxone is there to help offset overdoses. One of the things that people are really concerned about in regard to fentanyl is to try to make sure we don’t lose anyone to an overdose,” she says.
The ACNBA also has a needle exchange program and in July over 14,000 needles were distributed.

In June,100 nalaxone kits were handed out by the ACNBA.

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