The message is clear on what many of Ontario’s craft brewers think about the Ontario governments plan to offer a buck a beer.

We talked to Mike Harrison, the brew master of New Ontario Brewing Company in North Bay.

He says they would sacrificing the quality of their product at a buck a beer.

“None of us are willing or have a desire to make a product for a dollar. It’s not who we are and it’s not what our consumers want,” he says.
He says they would lose money at a buck a beer and they would be compromising their product too.

Harrison says they’ve been in double digit growth for the last few years.

He says they currently have a good market share and it’s growing and it’s due to the high quality of beer they make and consumer support for a higher value product.

( Photo of Mike Harrison on left with KiSS 100.5 morning show host Kevin Oschefski at launch of Tilted Tower broadcaster ale)

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