The latest information from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry indicates there are 66 active forest fires in the Northeast Region with 27 not yet under control.

The rest are either being held,under control or are being observed.

There were 15 new starts yesterday and 7 of those are already out.

The Ministry expects more fires as a result of the thunderstorms on Monday.

As a result, the ministry says the amount of smoke in the North Bay district may increase today with more fires.

There have been 165,000 lightning strikes across the province since July 1.

A restricted fire zone remains in place for much of the northeast so no campfires or outdoor burning is being permitted.

Crews from Alberta and BC and water bombers from Alberta and Saskatchewan are in Ontario helping out.

Travel restrictions are in place in the Temagami area.

Go to for more information as well as the ministry’s Facebook page.

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