Giving soldiers and veterans dealing with the effects of post traumatic stress disorder a sense of belonging and helping them get back on their feet.

That’s the goal of Quartz Ridge Sanctuary in Hagar, a not-for-profit charity farm.

Veterans can learn how to farm, help injured and neglected animals and help get better re-introduced to society.

“Problem is with a lot of our guys, is they go through a shut-down stage. It is overwhelming if you try and do it all by yourself,” says Director Eric Coupal. “It’s the comradery that a lot of guys do miss. In this program we give them a sense of belonging.”

He says they’re looking to be a bridge between miltary life and civilian life and it’s all about working together.

“That’s why I have set up a community garden, PD trips for the local schools in our area to work with the veterans to get them more interactive with society,” He says. “I would like to see this kind of program in every province, let alone every city.”

Coupal says depending on the individual needs, programs can go from 6-8 weeks.

They will care for animals and bond with people who are going through similar circumstances.

He says Quartz Ridge depends on community funding and every little bit counts, even if someone wants to just volunteer their time.


Photo provided by Quartz Ridge Sanctuary