Renovations to the new Community Living North Bay Building came in under budget and on schedule.
The community service is moving out of nearly all their other offices, staggered around the city, into their newly renovated complex at Wallace Rd and Commerce Crescent. Executive Director, Jennifer Valenti says it was important to get their services and staff under the same roof.
“The Main St. office isn’t accessble and people can’t get to see us. We were spending a lot of money on other occupancy costs. We looked at doing renovations at the old part of the building and adding an addition so all the services could be under one roof.”
Valenti says their initial budget was $4.2 million but came around $3.5 million. She credits a strong build team for staying on budget.
“We wanted to have a modest build. We wanted to renovated and the main point was it was going to be efficient and affordable. We built in a large contigency and were able to able pieces in.”
Valenti says those pieces include repaving the parking lot and adding to the already-existing kitchen. She says since they are no longer able to train their clients in the kitchen, as of April 1st they can now use it to generate revenew and not rely soley on the government for all funding.
As part of the move, Community Living sold their building on Chippewaw but Respit Care on Second Ave and the group homes are the only services not included in the move.
The building is holding a grand opening in May.