Stats Canada says there was a slight increase in employment in the North Bay area last month.

The employment figure was 54.4 per cent, up from 53.9 in January last year.

However, there were 800 fewer people in the Labour Force.

For a third month in a row, the unemployment figure has been suppressed because it was below the confidentiality threshold.


Meantime, there was a big monthly drop in job postings in December in Nipissing, however the figure was up when looking at the three year average.

The Labour Market Group says there were 329 job postings in Nipissing in the final month of 2017.

That was down over 31 per cent from November, but it’s just over seven per cent higher than the three-year average for December.

Health Care and Social Assistance was the top hiring industry with sales and service being the top occupational category.

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