The Tour for Humanity is stopping in North Bay to educate local high school students to stand up against hate crimes.

The mobile classroom is stopping at four local high school with a message to stop spreading hate.

Tour coordinator, Daniella Lurion says through the Tour for Humanity, students are being taught a variety of subjects including workshops on hate crimes like the genocide in World War 2 and the Canadian Residential School system.

‘This isn’t happening that’s happening way back when or somewhere else, it’s happening all the time.  It’s in Canada, around the world, and our own backyards. We see people being discriminated against from all walks of life and that’s the commonality.”

She adds that’s how they relate to the students.

The tour is stopping at Chippewa Secondary school tomorrow, followed by St Joseph Scollard Hall on Wednesday, and Ecole Secondaire Algonquin Thursday.






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