Striking Canadian Hearing Society employees have another fighter in their corner.

North Bay Labour Council president Henri Giroux says the council’s support is meant to strengthen the message of ‘having no contract for four years is unacceptable.

“We need to support these workers in North Bay because the Ontario government is systematically underfunding Northern Ontario.”

He says a message of solidarity is needed because the government will start with taking away these employees benefits which could lead to a trickle effect.

“What they take away from one, they take away from others.  We are grateful for their fight and will continue to support their efforts.”

Giroux says 36,000 people rely on the services these employees provide and this needs to be settled sooner than later.  He says there are ways for you to show your support as well.

“They can call the government and call the agencies and say these services are not properly funded.”

“These citizens, along with the locked out CUPE 2049 CAS workers, are taking huge, personal risks to stand up to Wynne’s austerity agenda, she’s starving the North.”

Meantime, the hearing society has issued a media release.

It says the Sudbury office remains open and they are offering to provide client support in other northern communities, including North Bay.