Frozen RoyalsA group of girls from North Bay are effecting change at the landfill.

The all-girls Frozen Royals Lego Robotics team brought a motion to city hall on Monday regarding mattresses in the landfill.

Team Coach Kari Campbell says it was part of a competition to look at ways of expanding the lifespan of the landfill.

They found mattresses can be taken apart and recycled instead of just taking up space.

Chair of Engineering and Works Tanya Vrebosch says the research was eye opening.

She says on average there is 100 mattresses going into the landfill per month.

Vrebosch says when the girls did the math that added up to 1,200 mattresses per year and stacked on top of each other would be as high as the CN Tower restaurant.

She says the city adopted a motion to include mattresses in the ecological surcharges program, which is run by the province.

Vrebosch says the funds generated from the program would then be used to fund a provincial mattress recycling program.