apples-and-oranges-1329188-1279x858Being involved in the community and promoting healthy eating; those are some of the findings in a new survey conducted by Ipsos Reid asking what Ontarians want from their local grocer.

Jeff Buckton owns Jeff and Tanis’ No Frills and he says it’s something they strive for by helping out the local food banks to getting involved in fundraisers.

He adds there has been a big emphasis on healthy eating over the last couple of years.

Buckton says he’s seeing pop slowing down and water being sold and that means people are trying to stay away from sugars.

As well, he says they have the guiding stars program in several stores.

Buckton says that’s a program where they try to help customers make informed choices of what is a healthier option.

He says people are starting to read labels more and be conscious of what they are taking home.