PAC Jan 8Planning continues for a major subdivision proposal in the West Ferris area.

Bob Lewis is the Chair of the Planning Advisory Committee.

He says the plan is to fill in the areas of West Ferris where they believe they can create subdivisions.

The original plan was to build 77 homes, but now the planner wants to add in a few apartment buildings to bring the total to 81 lots.

Lewis says the delay is based on finding out the need for this many homes in that part of the community.

The proposal will stay within the planning advisory committee for further study.

Meantime, The Planning Advisory Committee looked at a rezoning proposal for a property on Lakeshore Drive near a golf range.

He says the applicant first wanted to put more houses on Lakeshore Drive, and a large townhouse Complex.

Lewis says the proposal now calls for two homes on Lakeshore Drive and a slightly smaller townhouse complex.

The rest of the land will remain, keeping the golf range intact.