SONY DSCOfficials with this weekend’s Northern Lights Festival Boreal are showcasing visual arts, including a local artist.

It’s being called an explosion of visual art and a North Bay artist is one of a few from around the north taking part.

Organizers of the festival have partnered with North Bay artist Clayton Windatt and his “Future In Safe Hands” or FISH Collective.

They say the collective will be engaging the festival audience and bringing a series of installations to Sudbury with the project “Mishi-Namewag”.

In a release, Windatt says the project represents how all-encompassing the Aboriginal world is and sends a message of the land being alive to those that don’t already know it.

He says seeing a giant illuminated sea creature moving through the waterways will be both be fantastical to witness but also heartwarming and creates a deep appreciation for Aboriginal specific contemporary arts practices.