OPPA sextortion scam has Northeast Region OPP issuing a warning to area residents.

Sergeant Carolle Dionne says they responded to two separate incidents in the northeast in March.

She says the scam involves victims being lured into online relationships through various social media, online dating or pornographic websites.

Dionne says the fake profiles are typically created by people posing as attractive women, targeting men.

She says ultimately, victims are enticed to perform a sexual act which is unknowingly recorded.

The victim is then told that unless an amount of money is paid, the video will be released publicly or to their social media contacts.

Overall, OPP say the best way to combat this type of scam is through public education.

They say beware of unknown people attempting to communicate with you over the internet, deny any request to perform an illicit act over the internet, report abusive behavior or contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.