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I struggled with my weight as a teenager and then again in my late 20”s.  After finally losing the weight and feeling great, I wanted to help people achieve their goals.  It’s been over 14 year that I’ve owned my business.  It’s been really rewarding to help North bay and area residents learn a new lifestyle…because that’s exactly what Herbal One is.. a lifestyle.. not a diet.  If you are at the point in your life where you are ready to create a new lifestyle, feel great, have more energy, fit into a size you haven’t worn in years then let me and my team show you the way.

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At Herbal One, we take pride in committing ourselves to developing the most comprehensive and up-to-date client specific weight management programs that are designed and managed by our own corporate nutritionist. We know that losing weight is not an event, but rather a journey. And, to take you on that journey, Herbal One uses a two-tiered approach to losing weight. The first tier is food – good food based on Canada’s Food Guide. A Herbal One counselor will help you select a wide variety of every-day grocery bought foods that will contain the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, sugars and fats that will make up your specific program. All of the food groups will be included and the abundant choices will ensure that hunger is not in the equation.

The second tier to the Herbal One program is based on quality weight management herbal supplements. They are an essential part of our safe, effective programs and work in conjunction with the food portion of the program. Based on your health history, your Herbal One counselor will help you select the right combination of herbal products in amounts that are safe and effective. By helping speed up your metabolism and acting as appetite suppressants our potent supplements are integral to your weight loss goal and help assure that you achieve it. They also aid in digestion, increase energy levels, and alleviate anxiety that is sometimes associated with weight loss. Our products are created by Herbal One’s own team of professionals and are designed to work in conjunction with the client specific programs that have been created for each individual. The specific combination of our herbal supplement products and the meal plans that are created from your own grocery bought foods, act as the perfect guide to getting you to your weight loss goal. This effective two-tiered approach provides safe, healthy weight loss and long-term weight management.

Herbal One is committed to a healthy approach in achieving and maintaining your ideal weight and optimal health. With your determination and our help, we’ll get you to your weight loss goal quickly and safely.

The nutrition specialists at your local Herbal One Weight Management Nutrition Centre are ready with one-on-one advice and quality products to get you started right now.

  • Custom weight management programs created specifically for you, your lifestyle and weight loss goals
  • Safe, healthy weight management that ensures you have the nutrition and energy you need for sustainable results
  • You are not alone on your weight loss journey. Nutrition Counsellors guide and support you at every step of the way.

Start today and get ready for a healthier, happier new you.

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