Income is the focus of the latest stats from the 2016 census.

Nationally, the median total income of Canadian households in 2015 reached $70,336.

That’s about $10,000 more than here in North Bay.

However, households in the city are earning a lot more money than they did a decade ago.

The median total income in 2015 was $60,731.

That’s about $14,000 more than in 2005.

Low income figures are also included in the latest batch of Census data.

The prevalence of low income was down slightly in the City of North Bay to 17.2 per cent in 2015.

That’s a drop of 0.2 per cent compared to 2005.

However, the percentage of children under the age of 18 in low income households was up half a percent to 21.1

Nationally, nearly 1.2 million children under 18, or 17 per cent of Canadian children, lived in a low-income household in 2015.

By the numbers:
2015 City of North Bay- Median total income of households in 2015 – $60,731
2005 City of North Bay- Median income – All private households – $46,628

Prevalence of low income based on Low-income measure, after tax (LIM-AT)
2015 City of North Bay 17.2 % (down 0.2 per cent from 17.4 % in 2005)

Low income prevalence by age:
2015 City of North Bay – 0 to 17 yrs – 21.1% (up 0.5 % from 20.6 % 2005)
2015 City of North Bay – 65 yrs & over – 13.4%  (Data N/A for 2005)

(With files from The Canadian Press)

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